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I think Mel & Sue must have broken the record for the amount of 'horn' related innuendos on last week's Great British Bake Off. I mean, at some points I looked like a slightly startled Grandma, wide eyed and pursed lipped, glancing around at everyone in the room to see if they'd noticed too. I tell you what, I could have done with a bit of light-hearted relief after baking these things. The struggle was very much real. Never has the word 'faff' been more appropriate.

I chose cream horns after having flash back memories to happy moments sat in the car on the way home from swimming. Mum would often get us apple cream horns and described them as 'puff and wind', therefore totally non-indulgent and definitely O.K to have before dinner. I hear 'ya Mum! I've never made puff pastry before and haven't attempted a fiddly bake in a while, so there was no way I was going off-piste with this one. In truth, I followed Nadiya's own recipe from the show, but mine didn't quite turn out like hers did, so I accidentally made a variation of her bake.

Readers, let me introduce you to my Hazelnut Latte Cream Horns.

I said it this morning in a Twitter fuelled rage, but nothing is worth spending 45 minutes making cream horn moulds out of tin foil. All the little things that would have made this bake easier, I didn't have. After looking at the ingredients list and smiling because it all looked so... accessible, it went downhill from there. I tried wrapping foil around my finger. I tried making a cardboard template. In the end I just moulded them free-hand and shook my fist angrily at Lakeland as I walked to the bus stop this afternoon.

I've never made puff pastry before and so went for Nadiya's rough puff recipe. I was indeed rough but it didn't puff as much as I had hoped. They did come out a lovely golden colour though - a small redemption! Now the chocolate melting part... easy, right? Toddlers do this when they make rice crispy cakes. Yeah, I messed that up big time. The tiiiiiniest splash of water got onto my chocolate and then the mixture was like 'NOPE' and turned into what I can only describe as a thick chocolate paste. Now was the time for a bit of creative adaption.

There was no way I was going to be dipping my pastry cases into my chocolate mess, so I spread a strip of it inside my pastry cases instead and then whipped up some coffee icing (espresso and icing sugar), rolled the outside in that and then pressed it into the chopped hazelnuts. The cream filling did go according to plan, so what I came out with was a creamy hazelnut coffee concoction. 

Baking Notes

// Don't mix water with chocolate. It's like feeding Gizmo after midnight a.k.a a total nightmare.
// Don't fiddle with pastry. Or touch it at all if you can avoid it. If you have naturally cold hands, good for you. Chilled, chilled chilled is the key!
// Make your pastry the day before. This seems to be a running theme every week!
// Eat them on the same day. No one likes soggy pastry!

They've gone down well so far! The creaminess of the filling with the crunchy hazelnuts is a nice texture and it does taste a lot like a Hazelnut Latte. Who said that you need to produce exactly what you set out to make?!

What did you think of last week's bakes? Also, who do you want to win?! I'm Team Nadiya - what a woman! #ThatFace

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