Bake Off Bake Along // Lemon Drizzle Mallow Cake

Guys, it's over. It's finally over! It's been a long old slog but we made it! Since the final last week I've moved house, started a job and just about squeezed in enough time to bake my final Bake Off Bake Along cake. I've also been tweeting a lot of gifs featuring Nadiya and her very quotable interviews, but that's besides the point.

I'll be honest, my baking energy was totally spent before I'd even started this bake. I thought the days of including sugar, eggs and butter on my weekly shopping list were over. These past 10 weeks have been expensive. Now, as much as I wanted to go out on a high with a monumentally impressive showstopper, I just didn't have it in me! The pleasure of making a cake where I actually had to 'beat butter and sugar until pale and fluffy' was such a welcome relief after weeks of tempering, whipping and delicately folding.

To honour the ever glorious Nadiya, I decided to go for her lemon drizzle cake for this week's bake. It was going so well until I got around to the topping. It would have been perfect. Perfect. Her idea of melting marshmallows and stiffing them up with icing sugar is genius and could be done by a child. That is if you haven't just moved house and discovered that your icing sugar has gone hard, so just beat it on the corner of a table until it is semi-usable rather than go out and buy another box... *cough cough*

Baking Notes

// If you're not vying for 'Homemaker of the Year' and are looking to build a supply of cupboard ingredients for spontaneous baking moments, buy a jar of lemon curd and be done with it. I would hazard a guess that's it's cheaper too!
// Whatever you do, make sure your icing sugar is in the right form before you use it! Trying to sift a once hardened block of sugar into your marshmallow mix is not the one. Be patient and replace ingredients that have gone funny.

I was sooooo pleased with myself before I decided to cover my cake with the marshmallow mix and impatience got the better of me. It's entirely my fault. If done right, it would be a great addition to bakes in place of royal icing, which can be a bit sickly. Imagine mine being beautifully smooth and pearlescent.

That all said, it tasted pretty good! A classic bake if ever I saw one. I was an emotional mess during the Bake Off finale. It also made me beyond happy that it's ratings beat the Strictly Come Dancing and X-Factor finales. All hail Mary Berry!

If you've been doing the #BakeOffBakeAlong too I'd just like to say it's been a pleasure sharing pixels with you! It's been a fun journey and I've discovered some lovely new blogs along the way. Here's to everyone blogging their 'detox' journeys in the coming weeks..!

How have you found this year's Bake Off? Have you started watching something else to replace it?

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