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Hello there! Today I'm sharing a quick little decoration idea that you could do in time for Halloween. I have very much gotten into the festive spirit this weekend, as I headed back to Norfolk and spent too many hours happily kicking up crispy leaves for someone who is well into adulthood.

Sticking with my mantra that 'bunting makes everything look better', me and Muma Snug together came up with this idea for a spooky(ish) Halloween decoration that takes next to no time at all. In fact, we usually use the same branch for a Christmas and Easter tree, so make sure you pick a good one! If you place the branch in water come spring time you might get little leaf shoots appear. However, this is Halloween, so the more spindly the better.

 First off, use secateurs to cut off a branch to use for your display. It's stem should be nice and straight with lots of long offshoots to hang things from. Strip off any remaining leaves and cut to a nice size. Pop it in a vase with some heavy beads, stones or sand. I used some glass beads, as they pick up the light and don't distract from the tree to much.

Next, you want to make your bunting! Cut out long diamond shaped pieces of card in Halloween-y colours. Fetch a length of string or twine and fold the diamond down to make a bunting triangle, gluing to secure. Keep going until your bunting is long enough!

Arrange the bunting on your tree and add any ornaments you fancy. I've picked up some hanging pumpkins, but bat cut-outs, green eyes or cotton cobwebs would look equally as good. In the same vein as my first mantra, 'fairy lights make everything look better' is equally valid here...

 There you have it! A Halloween tree perfect to greet the Trick or Treat-ers at the door.

Do you get many 'Trick or Treat' demands at your door? I haven't for the past few years because even 8 year old's are too sensible to expect sweets from students. Happy Halloween!

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