The Colours of Autumn

The weekend just gone was absolutely dreamy. I headed away from London late Friday afternoon and nestled in to the quiet coach, where old people, book nerds and exhausted businessmen unite in a quest for peaceful solitude. Nothing makes train journeys go quicker than sleeping right through them, which is exactly what I did. I don't envy the poor person opposite me who had to stare at my unhinged jaw for the best part of two hours...

The occasion? My lovely Mum's birthday. What a treat to be there in person for the first time in 4 years! There were lots of blankets on the sofa, gallons of tea and tasty food eaten both at home in Norfolk's endless cafes. It was only a week ago that I vowed to put baking on hold for a cake detox, but birthday's don't count, right? I baked the blackberry and vanilla cheesecake that I made during this year's #BakeOffBakeAlong and we were all caught sneaking to the fridge for a cheeky slice over the weekend...

Norfolk often reminds me of an island. Whether it's old Norfolkians calling all that reaches beyond the county 'foreign parts' or the semi-circle of coastline we claim, there's a distinct feel about the place. Just 10 minutes from Norwich sees you in the countryside, excitable pigs chasing the car as you drive down narrow, sweeping roads to get to the village. As such, we had to stop the car a few times so I could hop out and snap the most brilliant oranges, yellows and reds I've ever seen. Is it because Autumn kicked in so late this year? Who knows.

The air seems delicately muffled in the countryside at the moment, aside from the crisp wrinkling of windswept leaves dancing down the road as cars glide past. There's a sense of temporariness, of change and contentment. I'd happily bottle it up and carry it with me everywhere. A simple pleasure but the absolute best.

What's been your favourite thing about Autumn so far?

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