The Snug Edit // Rainy September, Commutes & 'The Bake Off Belly'

I'm going to start this post in the most English way by saying... this has got to have been the rainiest September ever! I mean seriously. We've had perhaps three and a half hours of sunshine over the past four weeks and minus this beautiful little stint of early October sunshine we've gone back to conditions resembling 'Singin' in the Rain', minus jovial singing and upbeat dance routines.

That said, so much seemed to happen in September. It was a full-on month to say the least. We were moving, then we weren't moving, I was in Norfolk and then back in London, holidays were had, university was attended and of course, Bake Off started!

I've also become very much settled into Snug's new feel. Writing blog posts just happens now, without too much stress and worry. It's a welcoming place to come back to and I feel it's nicely nestled into the wider blogging community. Whether you're another blogger, a reader or the occasional passerby, thanks for joining me on this (sometimes turbulent) journey. Especially Mum and Dad, who I know refresh my page once every evening and email me with any typos that I've overlooked. You champs!

What's Happened Since We Last Spoke

Bake Off Happened! I can't believe it's nearly over already. Well, my head can't believe it, my belly can. Every year I put on about 6 or 7 pounds over the course of the show. I'm not complaining because it's entirely self-inflicted due to the Bake Off Bake Along that I've been taking part in each week. After all, I know what goes into a creme patisserie... There are some 10km runs I've got my eye on in January, so we may be seeing a few healthier recipes popping up nearer then.

I've started a commute again, but not with as much disdain as before. I've been heading into central London most days for a university course that I'm really excited about, so the sardine can journey has a definite silver lining. Joe has aided this massively. We've got this great routine just before we get to the station - he runs into the cafe to grab coffees and I'll go to the bakery for sausage rolls. We meet on the platform and thus ensues envious looks from other commuters as we chomp through warm pastry. We also enjoy playing 'who in our carriage could be a character from Game of Thrones?' There was a great Theon Greyjoy last week.

After two weeks scouring the internet for last minute deals, we booked a holiday to the beautiful Ionian Island of Kefalonia. It completely surpassed my expectations and I was so relaxed upon arriving home that I almost floated off the plane. I'm editing and collating my images, so expect more on that soon.

Happy Moments

1 // Hearing a man shouting 'Fentooooonnnn!' on Wimbledon Common whilst picking the last of the blackberries. The resemblance to this video was uncanny. We decided it simply must be the same dog, with the same exasperated owner.

2 // Falling asleep to the sound of heavy rain pummeling the cabin roof. No leaking and a peaceful sleep. Such a treat.

3 // Going shopping with my Mum. Remember when I said she was the best stylist around? Yep, that still stands! I left Norwich with some beautifully versatile autumn dresses - think hare prints and terracotta tights.

The Reading Round-Up

How have you welcomed (or not welcomed!) autumn this year?

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