Hazelnut and Chocolate 'Fallen Leaves' Cake

You know you're too obsessed with autumn when you start putting fallen leaves on a cakes Alas, that is exactly what happened when the delightful crowd over at Wayfair asked me to create a cake inspired by this time of year. Let me introduce you to the Hazelnut and Chocolate 'Fallen Leaves' Cake

Honestly, it's a lot easier to do than it looks, which is great because your mates will be super impressed and you can just sit back to lap up all their compliments. If you like Nutella then you're in for a treat. The frosting is light and nutty with a moist sponge and a rich chocolate glaze that gorgeously drips over the sides when you pour it on. I sound like Nigella now... 

It's just about the most proud I've been of a bake - the recipe was drafted a few times to break it down into easy chunks and the result is spot on! Head on over to Wayfair to read the recipe and let me know what you think. If you manage to make the chocolate leaves without losing will power and scoffing them you get bonus points...!

What I used to achieve this bake (other than a copious amount of hazelnut spread):

* This was a gifted opportunity, however the recipe is entirely of my own design and all opinions of their products are also my own.

What's your ultimate cake type? Mine is a close call between this and a courgette, carrot and orange cake.

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