Christmas Moments

Well I hope that you are currently sat back with your belt loosened and a slightly glazed look on your face from the ill-fated 'turkey stupor' initiated by two days eating leftovers - I know I am! I can't go into my bedroom without nibbling on a square of the homemade chocolate bark I got in my stocking. 

For the past few days my days and nights have been full of family, friends and food. What a joy. Naturally, now I'm going to share more festive food pictures with you, because everyone knows an excellent roast dinner must be preserved on the internet for posterity.

Today I woke up to a huge number of new readers who had hopped over to Snug from this BBC news article about the history of duvets; the author of whom had asked me for a little quote on how important the concept of 'bed' is today. The answer: massively important of course! If only that bedspreads make great Instagram backgrounds...

The Sunday before last we held a 'house Christmas' back in London and boy, was it a treat! Soon I shall have eaten three Christmas dinners in as many weeks and I think it's safe to say that January will see roast potatoes off the menu for a while!

My housemates are a very international bunch. Between us we've got English, Danish, Egyptian and Trinidadian covered, so we had some interesting additions to the Christmas table. Caramelised potatoes and Danish steamed donuts were particular highlights, as well as real candles on the tree, which I grew to love after I'd suppressed my very British inclination towards health and safety protocol...

The sense of Christmas has changed a lot for me in the past year or two. Since leaving university I've definitely felt more on the adult side of maturity (in some respects!). On the one hand, sourcing presents I can't wait to share with others, getting crafty with decorations and reclaiming a sense of nostalgia that isn't automatically generated for me anymore, what with being in a new city I didn't grow up in. On the other hand, it's about escaping back to Norfolk to be looked after, having long chats and drinking endless cups of tea and coffee.

Sometimes, it's just nice to dedicate a whole afternoon and evening to enjoying other people's company, new faces and old. Going to the shops in the morning, tidying the house up, exclaiming about 'how quickly it's gotten dark', clearing away the plates with full bellies and rosy cheeks, opening and closing the back door in an attempt to regulate the kitchen temperature, squirreling leftovers for lunch the next day - it's a wonderfully busy slow day. 

Christmas is getting excited about going home; to your home, your childhood home, a friend's home. 

This Christmas Eve I slept in the living room, 'guarding the presents' of course. After a grizzly sleep resenting the noisy birds outside I splashed my face with water and woke up properly. Naturally, at age 23 and 26 we still crept upstairs at 1am to collect our stockings and sorted the presents into piles before a mass-opening session occurred. Does anyone else have to try on the perfume, lipstick, cardigan and scarf they got, all whilst still in pyjamas? It has to be done!

I do hope you're seeing Boxing Day through with a full belly and full heart. If you're not my side of the pond or if you're experiencing a different kind of Saturday, I wish you ultimate comfort and cosiness. Happy Holidays old Snug readers and new!

What has been your favourite 'festive moment' this year?

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