London // Last of the Festive Lights

Christmas seems to be wrapping up now, doesn't it? We're in that strange no-man's land between Christmas Day and New Year's Eve (or Old Year's Night as my Mum likes to call it). If you're anything like my family, you'd have definitely said the following lately:
  • 'I'm never eating a roast dinner again. 3 was quite enough this week.'
  • 'We've got so much chocolate. Too much chocolate. Do any of your friends have birthdays coming up?'
  • 'Let's go for a walk. Or swimming. Swimming would be nice? I feel like a whale.'
  • 'Let's head in early for the sales. (Head into town). God, this is hell. Let's never do it again.'
  • 'I love Christmas telly.'
  • 'I hate Christmas telly.'
  • 'What day is it?'
  • 'I'm giving up meat for the New Year.'
  • 'Chocolate for breakfast is getting tiresome.'
Before we're well and truly into January (and before we get enthused and ultimately disappointed in ourselves for failing our resolutions) I thought I'd take a moment of calm to reflect on the festive vibe of London at this time of year. During recent excursions into a (horribly crowded) London I snapped some pictures of the Christmas lights and general activity of our mad capital city. Although beautiful, I'm still fuming that I never managed to find churros at the Christmas market...

Festive favourites this year included the Southbank Christmas Market, Covent Garden, Neals Yard, Santa Con 2015 in Trafalgar Square, the Tate Christmas Market and my crowning glory: The Muppets Christmas Carol Sing Along at the Prince Charles Theatre. What. Joy.

What have been your favourite sights/events of December?

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