The Ever Delightful Lou Lou's Vintage Fair

Well guys, we've come full circle! A few weeks ago my Mum sent me an email with an event invite to one of our favourite Mum-Daughter things to do. If you recognise these pictures then you need the biggest high-five ever, because Lou Lou's vintage fair is the very first thing I ever blogged about. I took the pictures on my iPhone and bashed together a post, heralding my efforts as my grand entrance into the blogging world. (Click here if you want to co-cringe with me) Hurrah! 18 months later and look where we are!

Wonderfully, late November coincided with a trip back home for Papa Snug's birthday and Lou Lou's fair all in one day. I've always looked forward to this particular fair, after a long and slightly turbulent love affair with vintage.

Back in my teens, the vintage trend really kicked off. I couldn't move for a silk scarf, scuffed cowboy boot or crocheted cardigan. My general motto was 'if it's more than 20 years old, I want it on my back.' Not always fashionable but definitely unique, I grew to love the individuality that came with wearing vintage clothes. Unfortunately, I wasn't the only one with this idea. Norwich overflowed with vintage shops in the late noughties and I became quite disenchanted with hours spent rifling through rails to find nothing better than what was within charity shops. When someone charges £20 for a 2002 Primark dress it does make you question 'why?!'

Years at university with just a few 50's tea dresses remaining in my wardrobe, I'd lost faith. I didn't have the time or money to 'vintage hunt' any more. A chance walk through the city a couple of years ago had me drift in to St. Andrews Hall, a beautiful 14th Century building near the river, and BOY was that old fire stirred up again. Unlike the ransack odds and ends I'd become familiar with, the hall was decked out with beautifully presented stalls with a diverse collection of vintage clothes, shoes, accessories and homeware - a total treat for the eyes.

This November was no different. For the vintage enthusiast or occasional dabbler, there was something for everyone. Beautiful fur coats at incredibly reasonable prices, 50's style tea dresses made for modern figures, necklaces and broaches, sale rails (I may have purchased £2 jeans - bargain!), vintage cake stands and hair flowers. What. A. Dream.

The good days of vintage are back, guys. Did I mention that Biddy's Tea Room also did a pop up cafe with the most delicious glittery cakes? I selected the most ginormous slab of brownie to take back to London for my chap. Truly, I could have come away with bags and bags full of bits and pieces. The faux hair flowers and odd cups and saucers were gorgeous and a dress with little foxes printed all over? Swoon.

Lou Lou's, thank you for a truly splendid day perusing the racks and sauntering around in heavy fur coats. Next time I'm absolutely certain I'm going to book a slot at the Hairaid Shelter. The little old lady who sat down to have her hair done 40's style made me want to squeal and cry all at the same time!

Find out when the next Lou Lou's Vintage Fair is here - they travel up and down the country, so you're sure to have one near you soon.

How do you feel about vintage? Just a little, head to toe, or not at all?

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