A Word to Underpin 2016

A new year has broken upon us and I've just about squeezed in enough time to reflect and look forward into what this year will entail. Last year I decided on a 'word' to set up the next 12 months, as a lifetime of good resolutions that ultimately failed led me think that just one word, remembered in times of doubt, would be a much more positive influence.

And do you know what? It worked! The word 'develop' set the tone for 2015. The post itself is still my most viewed on Snug so it must have struck a cord with a few of you. I left the job I didn't have the passion for and developed my skills in an industry I'm excited by every day. I developed my biggest hobby - this blog- and I love reading through comments and clicking back and forth to other bloggers with heart-warming and inspiring stories. I developed my baking in this year's Blogger Bake Along. I started saying yes to everything and made a conscious effort to follow through with my endeavours and ideas. 

Now it's the time to focus. But what on? I feel that through an unapologetic pursuit of the things that make me feel content and whole will open up windows into a happier and more creative life. It feels good, you know? 

I want to focus on making the technical side of photography better; to focus on what I want to write by trying new forms; to spend more time soaking up the outdoors and exploring new places; to focus on new friendships, old friendships, and my consistently wonderful family.

I want to focus on making the good things better and the bad things less so.

What's your word for 2015?

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