How to Create a Cosy Corner

Wow, has it got cold or what? Like, scrabbling around in the dark for another blanket cold. One night last week I pulled up to my front door on 'Lady' (my beloved bicycle) and my hands were frozen in a handlebar grip. Ok, I may be exaggerating somewhat, but it's seriously chilly.

When you live in a chilly flat with unreliable insulation, or if you're in a constant battle with housemates over where to set the thermostat, sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands. I'm all for setting up little sanctuaries at home for snuggling away from the world - there's a reason my blog is called 'Snug' after all! 

Recently I've found myself craving little moments of cosiness after a long day at work. I get up very early nowadays and quite often find myself dreaming of climbing into bed with clean pj's on, a little bowl of treats beside me, and something rubbish but amazing on Netflix, like Pretty Little Liars. #sorrynotsorry. This is all before I've even stepped off the morning train, of course! So, I've put together a few different ways you could create a cosy corner, for those moments where cocktails and heels just don't hold a light to cushions and candles.


Ahhhhh, bed. It's all in the preparation, I feel. If you're gonna spend a cosy evening under the covers, I say make it a good one. Freshly washed sheets, top cushion game and fluffy pillows are key! Sure, you may have arguments over how many cushions are too many cushions, but when you're in your Palace of Cosiness who will be laughing then?! I'm keen on white bed sheets at the moment with a colourful 'statement' cushion thrown in the middle. If you've got draughty floorboards like me, cold feet will be a perpetual bother, but a hot water bottle fixes that up nicely. This one from Soak & Sleep has been so cosy on a cold evening, and it stays hot for hours. Yes please!


Just like fresh sheets have a strangely sedentary effect on me, so do clean PJs. Especially brushed cotton PJs. For some reason, wearing matching pyjamas set in a beautifully soft cotton makes me feel like a very 'together' woman. Pyjamas that have my initials on them? Well, just walk me on to the set of Gossip Girl and call me downright accomplished. Did you even know you could personalise pyjamas? I didn't. Now I have grand visions of getting all my friends monogrammed pyjamas and having a sleepover where we'll eat snacks, have perfect blow-out hair and lazily chat to each other. What bliss.


I said on Instagram a few days ago that I'll never see myself as someone who's into minimalist style. I like things. I like textures. I like spotting little reminders of the people and places I love when I'm doing menial tasks in my room. I love banners and bunting of any description, and this 'Sweet Dreams' one is so nostalgically cute I found myself ordering it in a recent spate of sleep-deprived internet shopping. #NoRegrets. The little stones are ones my Mum collects from the beach in Norfolk. She says it's for good luck, so I'll be thinking of her when they inevitably fall on my head one night.

Scented Candles

'How many scented candles is too many scented candles?' ...is a question that doesn't need an answer. I love coming home and lighting a candle about half an hour before I want to settle in and get cosy for the evening. I'm all about changing the candle depending on my mood and at the moment it's green tea, zesty lemon and bergamot. It's a calming scent, but also serene and refreshing. If you've ever been to the Aqua Sana at Centreparcs, it smells exactly like the Japanese Salt Room. It's like you've opened up a little spa in your bedroom. 

Soft Furnishings

One day I'll have a huge woven basket with all my blankets stowed away inside, but today is not that day. I live in London in a very small flat and I am a realistic lady. I do, however, have a few bits that come around with me from place to place, softening the edges of a room that's temporarily my own and making it an all-round lovely place to be. This thick cable knit bed throw fits the bill beautifully. It's the perfect size to chuck on the end of the bed and has a proper country farm house vibe. It also keeps your toes warm, which I think we can all agree is a good thing. If I had a cat (Oh man, I wish I had a cat) I just know they'd be curled up on this throw and then my cosy corner would truly be complete!


I love creating little nest spaces, so much so that my chap calls me a 'dormouse'. Perhaps that's why Autumn and Winter are so great. On a primal level, I think it's all about creating the optimum environment for happiness and comfort. Would you agree?

What would your essentials be for a cosy corner?

* This was a gifted opportunity from Soak & Sleep, however all opinions are honest and entirely my own. 

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