Why It's OK If You Can't Do Minimalism

In a world of marble backdrops and perfectly petite succulents, I feel a little out of place. I've never been a devoted follower of trends, whether that's fashion, homeware or right here in the land of blogging. It's just so much effort. I totally get the appeal of a minimalistic, clean, monochrome approach to style. I know Scandinavian everything is in right now. I just, can't... don't want to jump in there.

I've been reading a lot about 'simplifying' your life. In fact, it seems to have seeped into mainstream media (shocker), as I've heard Marie Condo all over the podcast world talking about how great it is to de-clutter your home. Don't get me wrong, a de-clutter is good every now and again, but that usually involves actually chucking out the lindt ball wrappers from my desk, not completely swapping in and out my homeware items for copper trays and concrete plant pots.

I have a huge amount of envy for people who manage to maintain a simplified style and I cannot tell you how many Instagram accounts I follow who do it perfectly. A steaming mug of filter coffee on a bare, scrubbed table; a single peony in a glass jar; a bedside table with a single book on it. Those are serious #housegoals, but I've never been able to achieve it. Not for long anyway.

Perhaps it's because I can get seriously sentimental about anything. Like, I once collected all the sweet wrappers I came across in China and stuck them in a scrapbook. I still have an envelope of secret notes that were passed across desks from high school. I like knick-knacks and curiosities and anything that is kind of beautiful but has no purpose. I love folk-inspired prints and I swear there is nothing bunting can't improve the look of. Some would call it clutter, some would call it gaudy, but I see it as a piecing together of all the little things that make up me.

It is harder when you have a rented house, and together with a serious reluctance for big change, bringing little tacky decorations that I picked up from holidays 5 years ago makes the transition a whole lot easier. I may be moving across the country, again, for the fourth time, but at least my lucky horse shoe can come with me to soften the edges.

It's definitely healthy to get rid of or donate the things that you truly have no use for anymore, but until that happens, I'm just gonna sit here in my little nest and gaze at other people's beautiful dove grey living rooms and stoneware bowls. Sure, I'll slowly incorporate them into my life, but only when I decide that my Harry Potter mug has served it's purpose. Today is not that day.

Are you into minimalist style? If you are, how do you maintain it? If not, why? I'd love to hear you thoughts!

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