Feeling Snug & Happy #1

You know those little posts that you'd put together when in a good mood? The ones that go in-between the big posts - the ones with fancy pictures and a 'theme' you planned out weeks ago? What happened to them?! There have been tons of conversations going on in the interwebs of late about the commercialisation of the personal blog, so many in fact that we would have to have a very long coffee date to go over it all. I'm not going to do that here. What I am going to do is blog about exactly what I fancy right here in this moment. 

Don't get me wrong, I have a little book; affectionately named 'The Snug Book', which I use to outline the bigger posts, but I've been so caught up in making my weekly or twice weekly posts amazing that I've neglected these little ones, where we simply talk about the everyday things in life. The ones where we have a moan about Mr. McPushy who elbowed us on the tube. The ones where we confess to eating an entire Lindt bunny during one episode of The Night Manager. Well, readers; this is one of those posts.

Throwing an Awesome Boozy Birthday Brunch

It's a bit daunting hosting a birthday party. In fact, I haven't done it in years. As me and my chap have birthday's a week apart, we decided to cram our friends from various places into one room for an almighty knees up. At home before we left I was acting quiet and weird, before blurting out 'WHAT IF NO ONE COMES AND THEY HATE IT?!' Turns out, there was nothing to worry about. Imagine a 4 hour brunch with bottomless mimosas and prosecco and having regular breaks to play bingo hosted by a drag queen. It. Was. AWESOME. There was even a pass-the-parcel.

I Bought a Decent Frying Pan

Don't laugh at me. For months I have been trying to make stir fry, eggs, and steak in a pan that just ruins it all in seconds. It was Burnt City: population me and my horrible dinner. I took a trip to a cook shop and spent a silly amount of time getting advice on ALL the pans before purchasing a ceramic non-stick beauty. Last night we cooked Spanish tortilla in it and it was glorious.

Seeing People IRL

I know, weird right? I went through a period of really resenting texting, Whatsapp and Facebook because I didn't want to be one of those people who stare at their phones all the time and don't actually talk to anyone. The result? Lots of coffees, dinners, a pumped up air mattress in our tiny living room, finding good pubs and long phone conversations. It felt really, really good. My soul feels nourished and it's a wonderful reminder about how many fantastic people I have in my life.

Cheese and Wine and One Born Every Minute

My friend - the one I visited in Paris last summer - came over for my birthday and her present to me was a whooooolllleeee lot of cheese. She was the enemy of the Eurostar, for sure. Camembert, why do you taste so good but smell so bad?! Tuesday night involved setting up a cheese board with fig jam, having a glass of red wine and watching One Born Every Minute. Cue nonchalantly swigging merlot and screaming whilst those very brave ladies popped out babies for our entertainment. That'll be me one day, but that day is NOT today!

My Tiny Urban Garden

It's happening again. It started with a trip to the garden centre with Muma Snug and I spotted a bucket of seeding potatoes. I immediately had visions of a glorious allotment; harvesting and eating my own veg all summer. Well, that dream got reigned in somewhat, because: London, but I did plant my potatoes in tubs, weeded the garden, planted more herbs and pruned the raspberry plant. I'm thinking tomatoes, peas and perhaps strawberries are to come...

What has been one of your happy moments of late?

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