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Well hello there! I thought it was high time we had a catch up after what has been a pretty bonkers few months, so settle in for a good chin wag and imagine we're sipping an excellent cup of coffee in the sunshine outside. 

I finished a pretty major part of my training...

These past couple of months have seen me very much resemble this snail; slowly working it's way up the tub in a quest for a delicious reward come June. Well, I'm pleased to say that both myself and the snail have completed the mission and although I did lob Mr. Snail into next door's garden (we don't like them) when he started chomping on my shrubbery, I on the other hand have been basking in the real and metaphorical sunshine since the end of May. What was I doing?

It's something I've decidedly not chosen to talk about here on Snug. I wanted to keep my 'day job life' and my 'shiny aesthetically pleasing Snug life' separate, but I've since had a bit of an epiphany about owning all aspects of myself in the most authentic way possible. What's the point in a lifestyle blog if I keep a large part of my lifestyle hidden?

I just finished my second teacher training placement and in two weeks time will be a fully-fledged-actually-responsible-for-young-people secondary teacher of English. Can. You. Believe. It.

I hope this goes someway to explain why there have been some lonely gaps here on Snug. Teaching is hugely time demanding, not always in terms of 'stuff to do' but the emotional toll it takes often makes you come home and vegetate or go for long walks or bake incessant amount of banana bread. You know, totally normal reactions to stressful work environments... Since I have 'figured out' how my new lifestyle is going to work practically I can finally start to plan and roll out the posts I have been storing up for a while now. Hooray for time! Hooray for the 'youff'! Hooray for Shakespeare! (Seriously, I am done teaching Shakespeare for a while). Hooray for adulting!

Being a Home Bird...

As I mentioned before, I have been working my socks off in the past few months completing my practical teaching placements, which has involved spending around two and a half hours a day on the delightful public transport of London. My days have been beautifully hectic and sometimes frustrating (turns out not all teenagers are thrilled at the prospect of studying Romeo and Juliet), so I've been working on turning home into a little sanctuary.

I've been baking a lot, especially refined sugar-free and gluten free recipes, taken up running again, and been spending a silly amount of time pruning and cultivating a little urban retreat in the form of my tiny garden. I never thought I'd inherited my Mum's green fingers, but so far I'm stupidly excited by the sight of my flowers blooming and vegetables starting to ripen to harvest point. I'm going to dedicate a whole post to this in time, so keep your eye out for my mange tout (no pun intended).

We're Moving...

Possibly the biggest news of all! I've lived in London for nearly two years now, after moving to a cabin near Kingston and then to South London where I've (nearly!) completed my teacher training. I have absolutely loved my time in London. I've mastered the tube. I've stopped complaining about how much a glass of wine costs. I've even 'tutted' at tourists.

Joe, my lovely chap, is due to continue his architecture studies at university and we saw this as an opportunity to live somewhere new for a while. So... we're moving to Yorkshire! Sheffield, specifically, where I've got a job and him a place at university, so things have clicked into place nicely! I'd only ever visited York, Scarborough and the moors before, but after camping in the Peak District for years and being a small city girl myself, I came around to Sheffield and am very excited to spend the next two years there. The people are so nice. The tea is so good. The shops are so cool. I've also heard there is a rather lovely blogging community there, which sounds just dreamy.

In the next few weeks:
  • Adventure // Why you should plan your next trip to Lisbon
  • Nesting // My tiny urban garden
  • Bake // Breakfast Pie
  • Norfolk // The Beautifully Eccentric Wiverton Hall
  • London // Sensational Butterflies at the Natural History Museum

 So that's it! I think you're all caught up now. Now it's your turn to update me! Leave your blog links in the comments or let me know what's been happening in your life lately.

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