A Brain Scoop // August

Here's a scoop of my brain for your avid perusal. Long live nonsensical lists! Who else loved a good MySpace note back in the day of privacy laden internet activity? There's something quite cathartic about documenting thoughts and activities in as few words as possible. Like a poor man's attempt at poetry. Alas, that is what I am doing today. My laptop is back on, tea is going cold beside me, and it's drizzling a little. In other words, it's the perfect day for a list.

Listening // A Series of Unfortunate Events Soundtrack. Just the best. 
Wishing // That I could open the windows of my bedroom to get some air in. Eurgh, landlords!
Reading // Captain Corelli's Mandolin. So far, 4/5. 
Buying // A seat cover for my bike that looks like a giant strawberry. Clearly I'm a 10-year-old girl.
Eating // Nothing. Sainsbury's order comes in 2 hours. And counting.
Drinking // Tea! 
Considering // Cracking out the sewing machine today. Got some dreamy fabrics to play with.
Cooking // Toad in the hole. Or, I will be, when my food order arrives!
Stressing // Over whether I should be stressed about the upcoming school term. Should I be planning already?!
Feeling // Excited about moving to Yorkshire. Less excited about packing...
Looking // At Instagram stories. Another phone distraction?!
Wanting // A teleporter that you throw possessions into, which will mysteriously arrive in the new flat and in the right place...
Wearing // A flowery dressing gown in bed and feeling uncomfortably warm...
Loving // My family. V. gushy I know. They are unfathomably brilliant.
Thinking // 'Have I forgotten how to teach?! Will the new teachers at school let me eat lunch with them?!'
Needing // This Ikea rug
Deciding // How to spend my last two weeks in London. *Heavy breathing*
Admiring // Olympians. All of them. I'm still struggling to walk after a 10km run 5 days ago...

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