We Made the Move to Yorkshire!

Hi there! Are you receiving from Yorkshire? You are?! Great!

I made it! Not without a few bumps along the way, but alas, I am here! In my last post I mentioned that the packing was a slow process, but you know what? It turned from a slow process to a 'OH MY GOD WE CAN'T FIT EVERYTHING IN THE VAN YOU HAVE TO CHOOSE WHAT TO LEAVE BEHIND!' process. My potted plants didn't make it. My cake stand didn't make it. My oven gloves didn't make it. I am using a tea towel to get things out of the oven and everyone knows that is DICING WITH DEATH!

It's not all bad, as the remaining bits are being driven up in a few weeks time when my chap joins me in our swanky new pad. Speaking of the pad... it's huge! Well, it's not that huge, but when you've come from a majorly over-priced bedroom in South London with six people sharing a tiny kitchen and one bathroom, a place to your own feels positively palatial. Our flat is in a converted Georgian house, and after referring to my backlog of period dramas and Joe's architecture knowledge, we've established that our entire flat is made up of the house's original drawing room. You know, the place where the maid puts you before the Lady of the house skims down the stairs; cheeks freshly pinched to greet you. That said, we have enough room to swing a cat, which is great considering we couldn't swing a hamster before.

One of the main things I was looking forward to when moving up North was getting outside. On our first full day in Yorkshire we drove over to Bakewell, picked up a tart and a pork roll and walked around the hills near Haddon Hall. After scrambling up a steep verge onto a disused railway line we took a moment to breath it in.

Boots laced up. Sunshine rolling across the hills. My dad's 1999 edition of Peak District Walks. Mmmmmm. Blissful.

You know what else has been just great? Unpacking! My parents helped us get everything into the house and I totally forgot how enjoyable the nesting process is. It's a solid 370% better than packing. I have gone bonkers on stick up hooks. It's a total life saver for rented places and I can throw bunting around like confetti, which we all know is one of my favourite things to do.

Favourite thing that's happened since I've been here, other than being called 'duck'?

Going on a walk near Hathersage and being confronted by what I can only describe as a GANG of testosterone fuelled sheep, who had mean looking faces and grunted in an intimidating manner when we tried to approach their field. Honestly, they looked like they'd been working out, they were that tanked. After 15 minutes of psyching ourselves up, me and my buddy launched ourselves into the field screaming 'SHOO!!!!', whilst they followed us at an alarming speed for such a stocky animal. Long story short, we felt super brave, but the sheep left with more dignity than we did.

Thank you so much for all your messages of support and luck for the move. It really did help during stressy moments!

If you know of any Yorkshire based / Sheffield based blogs you love, please leave a link down below as I'm primed and ready for recommendations about this lovely area of the world.

Happy Sunday!

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