Snug Candles is Open!

Oh, how this feels like a long time coming!

If you've been a reader of Snug for a while now, you'll know that just under two years ago I put together this post about making candles for Christmas. You know, living in London and wanting to do something crafty in the winter months, it made sense! I salvaged every empty jam jar going and used a million and one different graphics ideas on Pic Monkey for my labels. It was like a Blue Peter mad house in the cabin, I can tell you. I melted and mixed any number of oil combinations to recreate scents I remembered from my childhood; that feeling of quiet contemplation before bed; the heady scent of a summer garden; throwing freshly washed sheets on the bed.

It was a stab in the dark, but I loved doing it. Even when a bottle of essential oil slipped out of my hands onto the electric hob - whoosh! Up it went in flames. Thank god for those 'anti-fire' ads in the late 90s. Our little wooden cabin was saved with a wet tea towel and I escaped with singed hair and a pump of adrenaline!

I always come back to making candles. I've adapted and changed them in various forms for many a month now and in the past few weeks, it's all come together. Over summer myself and Muma Snug worked on stock in the kitchen, branding was sorted and a concept decided upon. Ladies and gentleman - Snug Candles is open on Etsy!

I've always been fascinated by scents and how they trigger memory. I'm incredibly nostalgic by nature and am passionate anything that takes me back to a special moment, feeling or place.

That's what Snug Candles is all about. Capturing a moment and grounding yourself there.

Capture a Moment

Onto the themes... So far in the range (Oooooo - I have a range!) there is:

  • Fresh Sheets (clean cotton)
  • Let's Have Tea Outside (Lavender, Rosewood and Jasmine)
  • Under Fig Trees (Wild Fig and Neroli)
  • Just Before Bed (Ylang Ylang, Frankincense and Patchouli)
  • Spa Day (Eucalyptus and Freshly Cut Grass)
  • Christmas Eve (Mulled Wine, Winter Spice and Clementine)

How are they different?

Each candle has been blended to capture a 'moment' and I use a high proportion of essential oil to make sure that when lit, they fill a room with scent. Essential oils also = aromatherapy benefits for ultimate relaxation potential.

Each candle also comes with a poem I've written based on it's theme, so you can nourish the mind and soul. They're also printed on thick, recycled postcards for 'keep sake' quality, you know?

"Sink into marshmallow-soft robes
And don a pair of oversized slippers;
Make up and care free."

Why soy wax?

It's an eco-friendly, renewable energy source that has a long burn time and doesn't fill the air with nasty chemicals. 'Nuff said.

I've absolutely loved putting together these candles in the past few months and hope that you like them too. I'd be thrilled if you hopped over to my Etsy shop and had a look. Please let me know what you think!

I hope you've had a wonderful start to autumn - if you're an autumn soul like me! If not, I hope you're keeping tucked up inside with hot drinks a plenty and a good backlog of Netflix to get you through the next few months.



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