The Most Colourful Girl Gang in Town

Wow! Just look as this colourful bunch.

I thought it was high time I dedicated a blog post to the fantastically bright and brilliant ladies I spent a Sunday with the other week. I know, I know, you're thinking 'the other week?! That's a MILLENNIA in blogging time!' Oh my god, I know, I'm awful, but but but... I've been really busy?! I HAVE been really busy. Not so busy that I have had literally no time to blog, but so busy that when I do have free time, I let my brain switch off and my body just sinks into the sofa with no desire to pick up a laptop. Well let me tell you friends - that time is NO MORE. 

My first month in Yorkshire has been a massive process of adapting to a new place/new job/new flat/new working life. I'm sure most of you know by now, but I'm a teacher in my day job and THE RUMOURS ARE TRUE. It is legit exhausting. I don't work crazy long hours, but when I come home I pretty much step into my pyjamas at the same time as taking my shoes off. 

It's scary and exciting moving to a new place. A new place that's really far from anywhere you've lived before. A place where you don't know anyone. Where the accent is weird and no one can place where I'm from. It's daunting. Massively so. But, you know what's made it a whole lot better? Getting to meet those lovely lot above.  

Toni, whose online home is Lemon Freckles, is a veteran Sheffy and had the inspired idea of organising a colour walk through the city. I knew about the event when I was still in London and it made the prospect of moving up just that bit more exciting. Here was a new city full of people who were clearly friendly and good fun. I mean, you can't wear a denim jacket covered in motif patches, pom pom headbands and colourful skirts if you're not a nice person, right?!

It was a bit nerve-wracking heading up to a big group of people, some of which you only know from the internet, to spend a day chatting and photographing spots around the city. That had absolutely nothing to do with them and everything to do with me. I mean, it would be weird if you didn't feel nervous introducing yourself to a bunch of strangers, right? This lasted for approximately 5 seconds though, as I spotted Toni and she was just as welcoming and friendly as I imagined. She was soon introducing me to a whole bunch of lovely ladies; many of which also came not knowing anyone. After another three minutes we were hopping about in front of a fountain for a Boomerang. 

The modern day friendship, readers; strange and absolutely wonderful.

We meandered in and around the side streets of Sheffield, 'car spotting' for each other and taking turns to stand in the road to get good shots of street art, colourful security shutters and a whole bunch of graffiti. We turned heads, that's for sure, and by the end of the day we were brazen in our colourful garb. Oh, you're looking at my delightfully colourful shoes? You're welcome!

I lost count of the uplifting and exciting conversations I had with the girls there on the day. So many people had side projects, crafty interests and a million and one tips and tricks for starting up a side business; something I'm going to be doing very soon. *hint hint* 

We finished the day off by walking through the Winter Garden, where I spotted this perfectly uniform flower hanging delicately above the heads of busy shoppers below, and then headed into the Millennium Gallery for a whizz around the exhibition and a quick pose against their colourful outside wall. What. A. Day.

See that? Even the rain is an excuse for some colour. What a cheerful bunch.

Toni and the rest of the colour gang - thank you for welcoming me to the city in such a beautifully unique and heart-warming way. My camera card is full of glorious pictures; my head is full of exciting new ideas and my Instagram feed takes longer than ever to scroll through. On to the next meet up!

If you want to find out more about what the day entailed, have a look at Toni's video from the day and scroll through the #incolourfulcompany hashtag for everyone's snaps.

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